Paradise Wildlife Park: A Very Potter Zoo Trip!

Animals are funny little creatures, aren’t they? I’ve always loved watching David Attenborough documentaries and learning about our furry, scaly, feathered and otherwise-textured companions on this planet. What I love about animals is that despite how different we are, you…

Autumn Favourites Every Bookworm Will Love

It’s autumn already! I love this time of year. There’s crunchy leaves on the ground, sunshine and cool breezes, woolly layers and spiced drinks everywhere! If you’re feeling sad about the darker evenings and colder weather, don’t be! As well…

June Wrap Up – Books, TV, and things that make me happy!

June’s been another funny old month, going from 0 to 60 seemingly every other day! That said, I did manage to read a fair amount in the days that were closer to 0! One of my favourite new discoveries (other…

Skincare Tips from Your Favourite Book Characters

Have you ever noticed how fictional characters usually have perfect skin? Or, failing that, they have a whole host of ways to combat less than photo-ready faces? If only we could sit down with them and learn their secrets! Wait…

December round-up: time off work = time to read!

Whew, I read 15 books in December!! Say what?! I’ve made you a nifty little infographic so you don’t have to read 15 reviews – come check it out! 😉

What Are You Reading Wednesday: Oathbringer

Hey guys! I’m in Copenhagen at the moment, so I’m handing over to my boyfriend for a guest post! See what he’s reading this week and make his day by leaving him a comment! 😉

November Wrap Up: from slump to speed-reading!

It’s Christmas month already! Take a look what I managed to get through in the midst of frantic Christmas shopping!

What Are You Reading Wednesday: Oryx and Crake

Midweek madness for me this time around! Chat to me about your current read and find out more about mine, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

The 15 Types of Reader

We’re all bookworms, but could we be more different?! From the Dog-Earer to the Speed Reader, there’s so many varieties of bookworm. Which are you?!

What Are You Reading Wednesday: Stalking Jack the Ripper

Wednesday just flies around, doesn’t it?! Check out what I’m reading this week – clue: it’s a horror set in the Victorian era! Make sure you add your link to our link-up if you’re taking part 🙂

What to Buy a Bookworm for Christmas

Whether you’re looking for gifts for a fellow bookworm, or ideas to put on your own wish list, this post will give you tonnes of ideas!

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