Skincare Tips from Your Favourite Book Characters

Have you ever noticed how fictional characters usually have perfect skin? Or, failing that, they have a whole host of ways to combat less than photo-ready faces? If only we could sit down with them and learn their secrets! Wait…

What Are You Reading Wednesday: Rogue One

Wednesday’s rolled around yet again! April’s been a funny old month for me. I’m in a bit of a reading slump, but I have been listening to the audio book of Rogue One, so I’ll tell you about that! How do…

Sleeping Beauty’s Sinister Century: Grisly Disney

If I didn’t cover Sleeping Beauty in my Grisly Disney series, I’d be missing a prime candidate. Despite the tale Disney spins, her story is not all naps and charming princes. Far from it! Of all of the origin stories…

Think Sleeping Beauty is all pink frock and peaceful naps? Think again!

What Are You Reading Wednesday: Hydra

Looking for new thrills? Find out more about Matt Wesolowski’s second adrenaline-fuelled page turner, and let me know what you’re reading!

Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Famous Books

You’ve probably spotted a ton of Easter eggs in movies, but they’re harder to spot in books! How many of these Easter eggs have you spotted while reading?

How To Fit Reading into a Busy Lifestyle

It can be hard to find time to ourselves when life gets busy, but here’s my top tips for fitting reading into a busy schedule!

Mother’s Day ideas for bookworms and beyond

Whether you’re the only bookworm in your family or your mum gives you a run for your money in the reading stakes, find out how to combine your passions and create a personal gift to remember! Not just for Mother’s Day, these gifts are also great for birthdays!

January Wrap Up: Comics and Coming Out of my Comfort Zone!

It’s February already! Check out the books that pushed me out of my comfort zone last month!

What Are You Reading Wednesday: To All The Boys I’ve Loved …

Hey guys! It’s the middle of the week again and – yes, this is really me – I’m reading a mushy, girly, romance book. Come and find out if I’ve gone mad or not…

Aladdin’s Atrocious Origins: Grisly Disney

It’s been a while since my last Grisly Disney! Come and find out the origins of Aladdin before 2019’s live action retelling!

What Are You Reading Wednesday: A Conjuring of Light

It’s the Year of Chunky Books! Come see what I think of the conclusion to the Darker Shades of Magic series.

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