What Are You Reading Wednesday: Hydra

41rfOuIeYpLHappy hump day, love muffins! How’s the week treating you?

Since it’s the middle of the week again, it’s time for What Are You Reading Wednesday! Check out this post for guidelines if you want to join in, and make sure you leave your links on the little linky button below! 🙂

Anyway, what am I reading this week, you ask? Matt Wesolowski’s new thriller! Wesolowski is still pretty much brand new to the scene, but he writes thrillers like a seasoned veteran. Seriously, I’m not creeped out easily, but the way he weaves in urban myths and paints vivid descriptions made me shudder more than Stephen King’s It. And that’s a creepy book, right?!

Wesolowski’s first book, Six Stories, hooked me immediately, so I just knew I was going to buy all his books. I raved about it for ages, lent my copy to friends, peer pressured  other friends overseas to buy it (*cough* hey Maraia! *cough*). You can find out more about what made the book so darn amazing here.

But less about its predecessor! Let’s move on to the little sister in the family, Hydra.

Why did you decide to pick up this book? Content or cover?

Entirely content! The cover could have been made of used napkins and I still would have picked it up. That really says a lot considering my pastime consists of taking photos of pretty books over on my Instagram! But seriously, Six Stories got me hooked so deep that the cover on Hydra just doesn’t matter.

Who’s your favourite character so far, and why?

It’s hard with this series. They’re told as a series of podcasts – though written, not as audio books. If you, like me, thought you might get tired of this schtick after a couple of pages, prepare to eat your words. It’s such a novel way (if you’ll excuse the pun!) of piecing together a murder mystery – you hear the sounds, smell the smells, relive the moments with the people involved, and ultimately, you get wound so tightly in the story that it’s hard to untangle yourself when you put the book down.

But to answer the question, I’m not sure I really have a favourite character. I’m about halfway through, and due to the mystery and the nature of going from person to person, I don’t know too much about anyone apart from Scott, who was in the last book.

Will you finish this one?

But of course!

This book reminds me of…

Well, first off, its predecessor, Six Stories. But secondly, the Serial podcast I was seriously addicted to. The Adnan Syed case still gets the cogs of my brain churning today, and I listened to it probably over a year ago now!

In a roundabout kind of way, the plot line – daughter kills family with hammer – reminds me of an episode of Luther. I won’t say which episode on the off chance someone reading wants to watch it, but despite the story line in Luther being really quite different, I just got Luther vibes, which is always a good thing! I think Luther fans will know which episode I mean.

What kind of read is this? (Slow but interesting, can’t put it down…)

Super interesting, can’t put it down. It also has this crazy ability to send chills up my spine with the smallest sentence. Wesolowski has this strange power to pull you in and make you feel like you’re too close to get away in time, giving you a kind of panicked but euphoric adrenaline rush as you ride out the rollercoaster of his books.

Make sure you pick up Matt’s work! I highly recommend it – Six Stories was one of my favourite books of 2017, and I doubt Hydra will fall short!


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